Thanks to my niece Clementine for showing me and giving me that wonderful recipe of Brioche. Use my bread machine to mix all the ingredient and make the dough, I put everything and then start the dough program, after 90min the dough is ready. Then it depend the size of the dish you will use to bake it, I used to separate dish who give me two brioches. What I do after the program is done is put the dough on my work surface, cut it in 2 half, then cut each half in three same size part. I roll with my hand all the part, and use waived them together, as a result I have what you see in the first picture. Then I put the dough in the baking dish with parchment paper and let it rest for a good 2 hr, it depend how warm the rom is. I use a yoke egg mixed with a table spoon of water to brush the top and give some color then I sparkle some thick grain sugar. Then I bake it at 350 F for 27-30 min depending of your oven.



Ingredient: (for two 8-9 inches long)

  • 200 ml of milk
  • 500gr of flour (I use King Arthur bread flour)
  • 2 eggs (whole eggs)
  • sugar between 80-100gr
  • One stick of butter melted
  • 1 tablespoon of yeast
  • 100gr of dry raisin
  • 1.5 teaspoon of salt


My last trip to France 2015:

That was awesome as always, seeing all the family was great, and of course good food! My Dad live in Vendee, close to the ocean, there is oyster, mussel farms.



So we had to get some oyster of course, and make some mussel.



No need to say, that there is some awesome winery close, my sister and dad went to buy a few bottle directly from the producer, usually I don’t drink white wine, but this one was just so good, just a little sweetness.


And the cherry on the cake, was that the bakery sell all the pastry at half price on Tuesday, so we went there with my niece, and had to get a bunch just to try..


My dad also have found a new passion, he loved to make dessert like pie or chocolate cake, here is some pie that he made, he also go get the fruit in the wood or in some field, sometimes he should maybe ask the permission, but he take the fruit who are ready on the floor. Made a lot of marmalade, compote, etc..



Puller Pork:

Lately I had some awesome pork tacos that my friend Marcus did. I wanted to try to make some in my oven so I gave it a shot. you want it to cook slowly for a long time, so you just need to bring the oven warm enough, and maintain the temperature, so I will start a fire let it run, I will use several fire brick to separate the fire from the meat no direct flame. then I will put the door on the fire will die and consume very slowly and produce the smoke for the past we need, I will restart the fire 3-4 time during the day. I usually start around 8am, and the meat is ready around 6pm. I apply some very basic rub, which is only salt and fresh ground pepper, a lot of pepper, and put some garlic in the meat, put the meat on the tray and poor some apple juice in the pan, not too much because you will have a lot of fat juice who will fall in the pan and you don’t want to have to much liquid when taking the pan out of the oven. Then I let the best rest for a good 15min with aluminum foil all around.