I never wanted to buy furniture because you always have what you pay for right, and if you want good quality you have to pay a certain price! I always try to recycle material. I used to have a coffee table found in the street, garbage for some treasure for other.

Entertainment Center:

So when I moved into my house, I wanted to build an entertainment center, I bought some wood and started the project. I really like the idea of mixing raw material like wood, metal and stone. For this one I tried to distress the wood, I use a torch to burn the wood in some places. I really like the idea of using old outdoor faucet handle as drawer handle, it really gives a nice touch. The metal angle came from a bed frame that I cut, sanded and glued on each corner, it give protection and add to the industrial look. I did applied a satin varnish over it so it wont rust. The wheels are a necessity, it is made with heavy wood so it is heavy to move around and the cast iron wheels go well with the design.



Adirondack Chairs:

I also build those two Adirondack chairs a while ago, probably the first thing I build. i know I shouldn’t have paint one in Yellow!!!

Coffee Table Made From Pallets:

Then came the pallet fashion, I drove around shop to see if they had old pallet they were getting rid off, looking for those with “HT” stamped on the pallet meaning Heat treated, no chemical involved, but then the pallet can have been use to transport chemical, jut use your common sense.


I build two coffee table, one for outside on my patio, I build it in few hours, once done I like to apply coconut oil, it protect the wood and give a nice color and smell to the wood.

The other table was for my living room,  I had nothing too much room so I build it in 30 min!!! I know I have to try to put a little bit more love in that one, I don’t like the pressure treated wood as legs, I need something else. A friend of mine moved a few years back and she had some hand/foot rail from a Pub, and it is brass pipe, I might be able to use some as leg that could be very cool, I have to dig that idea…

I use pallet to make my inside wall on my patio, and I just love it, same thing I applied coconut oil.

Bed Headboard:

Time for a bed headboard. I looked on the internet for inspiration, and decided to include some feature on mine. So there is one light (LED) on each side controlled by his own dimmer switch, there is also that little shelve where you can put your IPhone, IPad or glass of water, or for me empty chocolate plate packaging and on each side of the shelve I installed an electrical outlet with USB port to charge your devices while sleeping. I really loved it, this is very practical while you are in bed it is always hard to get your device with an extension cord, here no need to worry!

Steam Punk Lamp:

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